See what our patients have to say...

"As a teacher, stress is a large part of my life. I wanted to find a way to stay healthy and use chiropractic care to see if it would help me fight sickness. I received a coupon in my Back to School bag from HR Chiropractic and thought I would try it out. I saw results and decided to bring my own children in to keep them healthy. My entire family really has not been sick this winter and I feel it helped my son to get potty trained!"


"Back pain and numbness. Not able to participate with kids in activities or other sports. Heard of HR Chiropractic through a friend.

Able to join in sports and do activities with kids at home and at school, which is super important as I teach elementary school! Life improvements beyond my expectations."


"I have been using Dr. Sara's knowledge and practice to keep my children (11&7) aligned. My daughter was experiencing daily stomach aches upon waking and lower back pain. Since her care with Dr. Sara, her symptoms have been alleviated and remain gone. We continue maintenance believing this will keep her healthy into adulthood.

My son's care is on the preventative side. Dr. Sara is amazing with my kids. Our visits are always productive, effective and positive.

I recommend Dr. Sara to those in care but not satisfied and to parents of kids with unknown symptoms. She is very knowledgeable and trustworthy!"


"If you're looking for a great chiropractor I would definitely recommend this office. Not only do they have a great chiropractor but they have two. I was suffering from chronic shoulder pain and my massage therapist referred me to Hellenbrand Rabideaux. In no time I was pain free and regained full range of motion.

Super professional and knowledgable! Highly recommend!"


"I just moved to the North Madison/Waunakee area and was in search of a good Chiropractor. I've been to two different Chiropractors prior to my move (one of which I stuck with for 2 years) and was a bit nervous switching doctors because I loved my last one so much. After driving past their office during my daily commute, I decided to schedule an appointment. I met with both doctors (Both were very pleasant), and had my exam with Dr. Hellenbrand. He was very knowledgeable, I felt very comfortable, and I was very pleased with my first appointment. Later this week will be my 6th appointment and I am happy to say that I found a great Chiropractor that I will be sticking with! I highly recommend."


"Dr. Sara was referred to me by two different co-workers who couldn't say enough great things about her care. In my younger years I injured my back and from time to time it flares up. I have been a patient for just over a year now and like my coworkers I highly recommend Dr. Sara! Whenever I tweak my back I know that in an appointment or two I will be back to normal again! This was not always my experience in the past with other Chiropractors."


"Dr. Nick is fantastic. He got me up and running from at least 2 back injuries. Very helpful, great adjuster and good bedside manner. Highly recommended."


"I have from chronic back pain and have seen quite a few chiropractors in the past but will definitely stick with Dr. Sara and Dr. Nick! They've been wonderful to work with--very professional and knowledgeable. In my urgent cases they've been great about getting me right in. They truly care about their patients!"


"Dr Nick and Dr Sara's adjustments are just amazing. They have fixed everything from whiplash to ear infections for me. I won't let anyone else adjust me. Well worth the visit!"


"Dr Sara and Dr Nick are both great! I highly recommend them and see them on a monthly maintenance basis."


"Dr Sara is great. Keeps me moving with out pain. Thank you!"


"Both of the docs are very personable and genuinely care about each individual! Their office combines cutting edge technology with great hands-on care. I wish I still lived near them!"


"I just wanted to say that Hellenbrand Rabideaux Chiropractic is hands down some of the most competent chiropractors I know. Thank you."