Diagnostic Testing and Customized Health Consultations

Now offering new diagnostic testing and customized health consultations

Did you know that problems can show up in your blood before you ever feel any symptoms? For example, you can have as little as 20% liver and kidney function left and still have virtually no symptoms. 

In other words, how good you feel is not always the best indication of how healthy you are. 

As chiropractors, we’re passionate about helping our patients get and stay healthy. We care about treating you - and not just your symptoms, but more importantly, finding and addressing the cause of those symptoms.

That’s why we offer additional diagnostic testing to formulate vitamin and nutrient recommendations specific to your body’s needs.

These tests, including blood work, hair analysis, and more, are based on scientific and objective testing. The report you’ll receive from this testing provides individualized natural recommendations to promote optimal health based on the imbalances identified by the testing. 

This testing is an efficient, effective, and affordable general screening method that will allow us to establish baseline biomarkers to track your health progress.

Here are the types of diagnostic testing available: 

Sample blood results

  • The baseline panel covers a wide variety of items, from vitamin and mineral levels, heavy metal toxicity, complete blood cell count, a thyroid profile, a lipid panel, and more.
  • The heart panel can identify issues with your heart health, and may be a good option for you if you have a history of heart disease in your family.
  • The cancer panel looks for markers that can be indicative of your body fighting cancer cells.
  • The hormone panel can identify imbalances in your hormone levels.

Once the analysis of your labs is complete, you will receive your report and your HRC chiropractor will go over the results with you. The report takes into consideration your existing health concerns and symptoms, as well as medications and other supplements you’re already taking. We will then use that information, combined with the results from the tests, to identify ways to improve any imbalances found in the testing through lifestyle changes and supplementation. We will also identify areas of concern that may require more proactive action and further testing.

This report is easy to read and follow, but is extremely thorough and may seem overwhelming. But not to worry - that’s where Dr. Nick and Dr. Sara come in. We will sit down with you and go through the report in detail to discuss what the findings mean and what the recommendations are, as well as to answer any questions you may have.

Then, after a period of time following the recommendations, we can retest, focusing on the areas of concern, so we can monitor your progress and adapt your personal program based on how your body responds.

Want to learn more about this new service, how it works, and the benefits? Give us a call at 608-849-5550 or email us at [email protected] and either Dr. Sara or Dr. Nick would be happy to explain the program in further detail!

Early detection and correction are key elements to living a healthy life. We look forward to serving your nutritional needs.