Got Vitamin D?

When you hear vitamin D, you might think about good bones. After all, it’s known to be key in helping your body absorb calcium. Bottle of vitamin D supplement

Or you may think about the sun - it’s called the sunshine vitamin because our bodies produce it when our skin is exposed to the sun. 

But did you know it is also important in building a strong immune system? In fact, a recent double blind study sought to understand the reason it has long been observed that a vitamin D deficiency is linked to chronic disease. 

And what did the study find? 

Well, in layman's terms, an improvement in vitamin D intake will have a positive impact on the ways your body responds to stressors, including those that lead to cancer, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular disease.

If that’s not enough, vitamin D has also been linked to cardiometabolic health, blood sugar balance, and even musculoskeletal comfort (in other words, it’s good for achy knees and hips). 

But can you get enough vitamin D through the sun?

Unfortunately, even during the summer, catching some rays may not be enough. From your clothing and sunscreen to pollution and location, there are limitations to how much our body gets from sun exposure. 

Additionally, some medications have been found to contribute to deficiency in vitamin D. 

So if you’d like to improve your vitamin D intake - without spending hours laying out in your backyard - consider adding a vitamin D supplement to your health routine.